The End of the Road…

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We’ve prepared a solid foundation with a firm cornerstone. We’ve diligently prepared our roadmap and know to look out for important guideposts and standards along the way. We have familiarized ourselves with the rules of the road and have prepared various tools to make sure we are on the right track.  As we have come to the end of the road, what lessons have we learned along this journey?

  • Expect to fail at the beginning of the implementation. There will always be details that are not obvious and will take some time to uncover.
  • In all phases, start general and work toward specific. This will prevent many delays due to a concentration on irrelevant areas.
  • Focus on the future-state. Only by having a clear picture of where we want to be, can we succeed and be of value to the organization.
  • Having an efficient Roadmap & Plan is important, however having strategic tools such as Guiding Principles, Standards, Governance & Measurement Programs to help make adjustment along the way is more important.
  • Agile and flexible is almost always better then rigid and unchanging. The nature of both business and technology nowadays requires the ability to adjust to change rapidly.

Hopefully, by diligently planning our course of action and by being prepared to handle unexpected circumstances, we can successfully navigate to a positive outcome, both for ourselves and our organization.

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